About On the Pulse LLC

Helping individuals, businesses and nonprofits achieve greater success through innovative and dynamic strategies designed to meet their specific development objectives and create mutually enhancing partnerships.

On the Pulse LLC consults with individuals, for-profit and non-profit companies to promote innovative and strategic approaches to business and personal development. On the Pulse LLC helps individuals identify goals and values to integrate strategic philanthropy into their lifestyle, and achieve greater personal development and success. On the Pulse LLC aspires to create a paradigm shift in the way companies approach business and the way nonprofit organizations operate, elevating the effectiveness of both and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships that make both more powerful. On the Pulse LLC allows organizations to take success to the next level by implementing enriching business development concepts through customized community events, cause-based marketing strategies, and collaborative philanthropic affiliations
About Madison A. Carter
Madison started On the Pulse after seeing the need for an intermediary between individuals, businesses and nonprofits who can understand both sides and make their interactions more successful.  Her background in economics, communications, sociology, psychology, and business allows her to think outside the box to create a strategic partnership that is mutually beneficial. 

Madison hosts educational, business networking, cultural, and charitable, and women’s events.  She is also an active member of numerous professional organizations, including the Colorado Philanthropic Advisor’s Network, the Association for Corporate Growth, and the Boston College Alumni Association.  She participates in economics and entrepreneurial associations, and continues her dedication in service to others through her commitment to such worthy organizations as Raft Colorado, YouthBiz, Girls Inc, Goodwill Youth Programs, Boys and Girls Club, Project CURE, Morris Animal Foundation, and Children’s Hospital.  She serves on the executive board of Raft Colorado and Shape Up US, and the advisory board of YouthBiz at Young Americans.  Through her community involvement, Madison's mission is to transform education and ensure every child has access to the same empowering and engaging education, mentors, and resources.

Madison is a certified Pilates trainer, an ardent tennis player, and a gourmet cook.  She enjoys traveling and a myriad of outdoor activities with her family, friends and dogs, while living in her home state of Colorado.

Madison graduated magna cum laude from Boston College, with a BA in Economics, and a focus in communications, sociology, and psychology.